Company Profile

  • Founded in 1974
  • Sacramento’s preferred connection for professional lighting products for over 40 years
  • Services covering most of Northern CA and has become the standard for the lighting market


  • No backup solutions
  • In house IT struggles
  • Slow network connection


  • Improve IT network speeds
  • Backup for all data
  • Managed IT Services all-inclusive plan


  • Reliable backup, disaster recovery
  • Unlimited IT Support
  • Faster Connections



Precision West Technologies Managed IT Services

Precision West Technologies Network Assessment

HP Workstations

Carbonite Backup Unlimited

Wi-Fi Connection Optimization



CJS Lighting Struggles with Internal IT Options; Precision West Technologies Provides Managed IT Services to Solve Disaster Recovery, Connectivity and Other IT Related Issues  

Customer Challenges

CJS Lighting is a lighting company for commercial businesses.  The organization is in Roseville, CA and has around 30 employees on their staff. The organization had IT support from internal staff members at their home office but ended up losing that internal IT support.  This left them with significant IT issues that needed to be resolved an addressed.

One of their many issues that needed attention was their battery backup. CJS Lighting had no battery backup in place which they needed for disaster recovery. If they lost power or had a natural disaster occur, how would they backup their power sources for their information? Another issue that plagued CJS Lighting was the endless search for the proper credentials of their own employees. These credentials were not saved or managed and when they needed to have access, they were nowhere to be found.

Many of the users also complained about network speeds. Connections were running very slow and there was no explanation or reason that had been found.  CJS knew they needed to discuss these issues as the in-house IT options proved to be unreliable and non-efficient.  After connecting with Precision West Technologies, CJS Lighting wanted to hear about a solution that could upgrade their current IT environment, provide reliable backup for their IT network equipment and get an overall faster connection for their systems. These features were needed in the IT department to support their workers and business. As the leader for professional lighting products in the Sacramento area, it was important for CJS Lighting to have a further discussion about Managed Services and IT support options.



PWT Solution


To help CJS Lighting get their IT network under control, Precision West Technologies first completed a Network Assessment to find out where their network was vulnerable and not efficient. The goal was to educate CJS Lighting about their environment and understand why it was important to have solutions in place for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

One possibility that was presented was Managed Services; a fixed cost, all-inclusive IT solution that takes a proactive approach in protecting IT networks. By using Precision West Technologies as their Managed Services Provider (MSP), CJS Lighting could fully understand and own their IT network. From knowing all the logins and credentials to forecasting and properly budgeting to manage their IT environment, Managed IT Services was the solution to transforming their IT environment from a liability to a strength.

After choosing to use Precision West Technologies as their MSP, CJS Lighting began the onboarding process. The company compiled a list of all their users’ logins and credentials; properly collected and secured.  This began the process of owning their entire IT network. Many of their workstations were also slow or outdated, so after discussing budget Precision West Technologies deigned a phased approach to creating uniform computers and brand standardization.  The approach made it easy to budget for the company, gave a timeline for completion, and modernized the devices across the network. All outdated workstations, servers and other IT network devices were to be replaced within this plan. CJS Lighting was also able to avoid downtime with Carbonite Backup Unlimited, a backup solution to ensure network availability.

Precision West Technologies also worked with CJS Lighting to offer technical consulting and guidance. The goal was to help fully understand their IT and how to manage it properly. This service is included with Managed Services and designed to help users proactively make better decisions and own information about their network.  Further understanding on how to manage issues across the network helps improve productivity. Systems are not down as often and while they are being watched and managed, there are actions to ensure no downtime for the network. Consultation services also included mediation with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to discuss speed, connectivity and reaching expected metrics.



Results for the Business

The results for CJS Lighting were immediate; the company experienced faster speeds across the IT network and their computers. These increased speeds helped improve productivity among the employees and the company embraced their IT network. The company was also able to have an open line of communication with one technology company that understood their IT needs but also their business needs.


Precision West Technologies was able to fully understand the network needs and provide the right level of support and protection.  With the roadmap created, there was no need for CJS Lighting to feel overwhelmed to buy new IT equipment at unexpected times.  Instead, they could budget their purchases and had new equipment supplied in a phased approach. The company was also proactively managed to ensure no threats would reach their IT network.

Our 30 person company had been struggling with IT issues for the past few years as our previous IT support had been discontinued by the home office. We tried to support our IT functions in-house, but didn’t have the technical expertise that is needed with todays advanced systems.

After meeting with Precision West, we felt confident they could solve our IT issues with an affordable support plan for our office. Service is fast and excellent, and we finally don’t have to worry about IT nightmares any longer. Our entire staff is so happy what we started working Precision West, and can’t recommend them enough your office IT needs.  – Robert O’ Flaherty

With less random expenditures on IT related projects, CJS Lighting was able to increase profit margins. The company no longer had to worry about unreliable IT support and now had an IT company that supported all of their systems while providing an affordable, fixed cost managed service. With professional guidance and the addition to their team, CJS Lighting is now able to use their IT network to enhance their company. By using Managed Services, the company has ensured the protection of their IT network, increased efficiency and created a more productive working environment.