7 Ways Sound Masking Solves Office Noise Issues

Speech privacy is among the top concerns and many companies have trouble finding the right acoustic solutions for their office noise. Usually, some try out different sound absorbing panels for the wall or acoustic insulation/foam that yields varying results. Others will buy a white noise machine for the office or even just use a fan or radio for background noise! While these may partially help, these are not the most effective soundproofing methods for office noise.

Sound Masking delivers an acoustic solution that gives noise reduction in office environments and makes discussions harder to understand. In doing so, emitters are placed in the ceiling and add unobtrusive noise to help with covering up extra sound. Office noise, private management conversations in conference rooms, patient information in an operatory room, and financial conversations need to be reduced.

Here are seven reasons why it businesses need to implement it:


Loss of Productivity….

Distractions from conversations can be problematic for employees. Loud conversations that everyone can hear make it difficult to focus on work tasks. Sound masking can help improve productivity by reducing noise distractions. It also complements any other acoustic solutions in place.


…. Which Costs the Business

In a recent study, researchers found that on average employees lose 21.5 minutes per day due to distraction which is about 4% of the day. For a company that has 100 employees with a salary cost of $50,000, that 4% in loss of productivity equals to $200,000 year.


Protection of Information

Sound masking helps companies that need to protect client information. HIPAA regulations require safeguarding of Protected Health Information (PHI) and sound masking is one way to help with that. By using sound masking, healthcare companies can work towards HIPAA compliance as well as HCAHPS scores, along with protecting their client’s information. Some other regulated industries that need speech privacy include finance (GLBA), education (FERPA), and construction (LEED).


Reduces Office Noise in Open Environment

Open floor plans are trending but they can be noisy.  Also, ceilings are higher and less sound absorbing materials are being used which causes workers to face office noise challenges. To handle these noise problems, Sound Masking emitters are suspended directly from the ceiling or inserted into ceiling tiles (depending on ceiling type).


Helps Multiple Departments

Many different departments receive help from sound masking acoustic solutions. Employees can have a greater focus while on the job. Also, HR personnel can follow any regulations or compliance needed around speech privacy. Management teams can have confidential meetings in peace without others overhearing conversations.


Options, options, options….

Sound masking gives companies the choice of what areas need noise cancellation. The level of sound masking can also be adjusted for proper acoustic needs. Music can also be played from the sound masking emitters (with or without the ambient noise). Of course, as a business, you have the choice to pick how effective the sound masking is.


Effectiveness of other options

Some companies choose to use acoustic tiling which is only part of the acoustic design. Walls, sound panels and other office noise barriers can help with sound blocking but are not completely effective. Sound Masking gives a low-cost method of adding a layer to acoustic design which enhances all other elements environment. Furthermore, Sound Masking will help increase productivity, protect sensitive information and give your business options to handle speech privacy.


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