IP Video Surveillance systems come in all variations of quality, resolution, and visibility. Many surveillance systems can be purchased from electronics stores or grocery warehouse locations. Companies can find inexpensive surveillance options that provide adequate results to give coverage to their location.

The question for those companies would be: Is the resolution good enough to be used as evidence in court?

Imagine someone commits a crime on the business property: theft, vandalism, robbery, etc. If the surveillance in place does not provide video with the resolution needed to give a clear visual as to who it is, how can you undeniably know who committed the action? Lack of resolution, discolored video, and inaccurate visibility are all reasons for the court to dismiss the video as non-prosecutable evidence. Inconsistency in the footage could also lead to the inability to successful identify a person or vehicle.

The good news for businesses facing these dilemmas is that there are systems in place which:

  • Provide 4K Ultra HD quality footage and Panoramic View for maximum resolution and visibility
  • Have built in self-learning analytics that allow your system to consistent gather information about your surroundings
  • Will adjust between day and night, including thermal options
  • Utilize cloud based storage to safely store and access footage

Companies who take the time to consider enterprise level IP surveillance solutions find it is more cost effective to purchase a secure, accurate surveillance system; rather than purchasing a lesser system and absorbing the cost of theft due to inability to prove guilt with inadequate footage. These enterprise level solutions use cameras from manufacturers like Avigilon, which can provide companies with high definition video and analytics to support the footage. The analytics will learn more about the coverage areas as more footage is captured, including facial recognition, vehicle recognition, color tendencies and more. Some organizations choose surveillance solutions that include thermal footage, which can be helpful at times when there is a lack of visibility.

Resolution is important to have confidence that your system is capturing accurate footage. Facial features, colors, lighting impact and thermal recognition are all important things to consider when evaluating the efficiency of an IP surveillance system. Without taking these into account or by purchasing the lowest priced option, you could be subjecting your employees, customers and company to insufficient video for justice.