Company Profile

  • Established in 1953
  • Professional federation of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies
  • Represents over 920 associations; the largest law enforcement organization in CA


  • Excessive amount of homeless taking over lot and surrounding corridors
  • Vandalism and other criminal activities; including attempted break-ins, broken windows
  • Staff members not comfortable leaving building


  • High resolution camera system
  • Custom design to have full visibility of interior and exterior of building
  • Integrated solution with other technologies


  • Reduced crime and cleared parking lot along with surrounding areas
  • Employees felt more secure
  • Surveillance template for other law enforcement agencies

Peace Officers Research Association of CA (PORAC) eliminates vandalism, creates prosecutable evidence against criminals using custom Precision West Technologies Video Surveillance solution.

Customer Challenges

PORAC is headquartered in Sacramento, CA and at their location, experienced an influx of homeless individuals using their parking lot to sleep, urinate, dispose of trash; among other activities. They were concerned about theft and there were times when windows were broken as well as attempted break ins. There was an assortment of criminal activities taking place during that time and PORAC needed to prevent these actions from taking place while also having sufficient capabilities to prosecute anyone performing any illegal activities.

PORAC locationStaff members were uncomfortable leaving the building at night and the building also had an increase of people sleeping in their lot during the longer night hours of winter time. In searching for a way to combat the vandalism and crime taking place, PORAC knew a solution was needed that not only discouraged homeless from taking over the lot and surrounding areas, but also created prosecutable evidence for the criminal activities taking place.

Precision West Technologies stepped in to provide a customized video surveillance solution to help PORAC reach their desired goals. PORAC needed to have supreme accuracy, high resolution video, precise color imaging, and zoom capabilities.

These features were needed to have to the ability to view identifiable traits including face, noticeable tattoos, and attire. With the layout of the building and surrounding areas, PORAC also needed a solution that provided maximum visibility including multiple angles with the ability to cover all parking lots and surrounding corridors. As the largest law enforcement agency in California, PORAC also wanted to create a blueprint for all other agencies and associations to replicate.

PWT Solution

To determine the best layout of the new surveillance solution, Precision West Technologies performed a Needs Assessment. The purpose of the needs assessment is to find what areas need to be covered, what level of video quality is needed to get the details captured, and find what other technologies are in place to integrate properly. Budget is also considered in the needs assessment and is complemented by a site walk to determine the best solution to get all visibility required.

Precision West’s surveillance solution also consider the aesthesis of the building and needs of the user:

  • Are the cameras to be seen?
  • Do they need to be covert?
  • If leased, what alterations to the building can be made?

These questions were answered with completion of the Precision West Technologies Needs Assessment and developed into a solution using Avigilon’s catalog of enterprise level cameras.

Installed were Avigilon HD Pro cameras with 4K Ultra HD resolution and Self Learning Analytics, 3.0 Mega pixel domes with day/night capabilities to cover entrance with reception area, and multi-sensor 12 mega pixel HD Pros to cover the parking lot. Based on the assessment, Precision West Technologies also installed a user-friendly platform include multi-screen access and a system where multiple users has accessibility to the video with proper verification.

PORAC DiagramPORAC had the ability to now pinpoint exact time stamps in the video without having to research for hours due to the self-learning analytics, which also instantly adapt to changes and movement patterns upon installation. The pricing model was also beneficial for PORAC as there were no recurring fees after installation and they owned the cameras system after purchase. All software updates and analytics are included with the purchase of the cameras as well as ongoing technical support from Avigilon.

Also, PORAC had other business technologies they utilized including Access Control and Video Intercom. One of their needs was to integrate all technologies with the video camera system. Precision West executed the surveillance solution while providing seamless processes between PORAC’s access control, cabling, and door control. As any visitors came to the door, PORAC had the ability to use the cameras, access control and door control cohesively to allow authorized entrance into the building.

Results for the Business

Security CameraPORAC’s new surveillance technology provided an instant impact to the organization. The amount of homeless using the parking lot has been significantly reduced. Precision West Technologies’ video surveillance solution allowed PORAC to see where they were coming from and identify who and when someone was on the property. They had the ability to deny access to the lot and easily remove them from the area, by knowing when the area was being occupied.

Almost all crime has been eliminated and PORAC has reduced virtually all issues of theft due to the location of the cameras. In the instances where any criminal actions have taken place, PORAC knew there was clear, accurate video that provided the reliability needed to prosecute. The entire building has visibility and the recording allow for PORAC to identify people of interest immediately.

Employees and visitors of PORAC no longer had to worry about leaving the building at night. The increased coverage and reduction allowed for peace of mind in knowing that they could leave the premises safely. System administrators were also beneficiaries of the solution as they could quickly locate time stamps and use the self-learning analytics to identify the person of interest.

Precision West Technologies worked with PORAC to develop this solution to provide a safe working environment and template that the other law enforcement organizations who work with PORAC could utilize. By creating this surveillance solution, Precision West Technologies was able to provide the coverage, clarity, as well as reliability that was needed to secure the premises and ensure the safety of their team. In conjunction with the other technologies, including the access and door controls, PORAC has successfully protected their organization from ongoing as well as potential threats.